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XPI Service

Call Centre

Looking for ways to give your business a competitive edge? Our call centre outsourcing services is a reliable assistant for that matter.  Our inbound and outbound solutions can transform your business processes while you gain more profit.

Inbound Calls

Operating meticulous analysis of your

clientele needs

Feedback Calls

Creating knowledge base, FAQ, call scripts

Customer Upselling

Providing experienced and devoted agents


Quick start and forward-thinking alongside


Why Choose


The team of our call centre outsourcing company consists of professionals in outsourcing call centre services. We have created multiple call centres from zero. Best of all, our outsourced call centre services showed an amazing level of scalability. So not only we help you with the routine work, but we also contribute to increasing the bottom line of your business.

Benefits of XPI Call Centres

Industry Knowledge & Experience

Reduced Cost-Per-Call

Recorded For Audit & Training Purposes

Highly Scalable & Well-Trained

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