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XPI believes in bringing together the ecosystem to support and nurture our next generation of entrepreneurs. From sole proprietors to SMES and MNCs, XPI aims to provide essential guidance and support businesses to kickstart and move towards their goals, profitability, and success

XPI Onboarding Process

In a Meeting


XPI provides businesses with case studies and advise on the various IT and workflow processes that are being used today, giving them a clear overview on the infrastructures that best suit their businesses. Optimizing the setup of a new company is the basis for sustained efficiency and scalability.


The economy today allows firms and start-ups to establish leaner, cheaper cost models by outsourcing and paying only for core services that are being used. XPI’s large network of marketing, events, design, logistics and finance partners can help you cover all bases, allowing you to focus on the key elements of growing your start-up.

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Innovation, growth, and impact are fundamentally centred around the people leading the business. XPI, at its core, is about enabling, empowering, and supporting entrepreneurs to be the best versions of themselves. We believe in the adaptability, agility and dynamism of start-ups and entrepreneurship, and we understand the everyone needs a mentor to guide and evaluate challenges and ideas a new business owner may have yet to experience.

XPI wants to give you the best support and allow you to bring the best parts of your start-up into your community, to deliver impactful innovation that will guarantee your success.

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